Links to biblical, papyrological, ancient manuscripts, linquistic sites

These are links that I have found to be exceptional sites authored by exceptional scholars. Where possible, I have chosen them for their content and avoided those that proselytize a specific religious paradigm.


Ancient Manuscripts, Papyri

Timothy Seid's Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts

nemyth41.jpg (55297 bytes)K. C. Hanson's Homepage, Excellent resource!

Download Ancient Greek New Testament Manuscripts

Weiland Willker's PAPYRUS EGERTON homepage. Excellent!


Resources by Glenn Kimball


Manuscripts, Palaeography and Codicology

Oxyrhynchus Papyri Home Page, still under construction

dslogo.jpg (15621 bytes) Digital Images of Medieval Manuscripts, great resource!

banner2.jpg (7707 bytes) Texts and Translations page.


Inscriptions from the Land of Israel

George Athas' Tel Dan Inscription Website


Textual Criticism

Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

Robert Waltz's Encyclopedia of Textual Criticism



An online virtual Beit Midrash


Online Torah study

The Taylor-Schechter Genizeh (Cairo) Research Unit Home Page (Cambridge)


Dead Sea Scrolls


The Great Isaiah Scroll, A terrific resource

M. A. Hoselton's Dead Sea Scroll Site, includes Index of Caves and texts



One of the best I have seen. Search tools, lexicon, interlinear.


Biblical Studies Resource Page, many links.


BIBLESTUDYTOOLS_logo_left.gif (3452 bytes) BIBLESTUDYTOOLS_logo_right.gif (7719 bytes) Another GREAT resource!


welcomlogo.gif (9231 bytes) Great Resource!!


Jim West's Biblical Resource Page.   New site. Watch it grow.


Multimedia Bible commentary online - serious Bible study with 100s of sound & picture files...


Linguistics, Fonts

Very useful site

The Yamada Language Center. Very useful downloadable fonts.

Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek

Learning New Testament Greek

Ancient Scripts

R. Kainhofer's Ancient Fonts

True Type Resource. If you are a fontomaniac, this is it!


Synoptic Studies Sites

The Two Notebook Hypothesis site, by Brian Wilson


A Synoptic Gospels Primer, by Mahlon Smith


logo.gif (400 bytes)The Synoptic Problem, excellent site from Stephen Carlson


Mark Goodacre's World without site


Tom Longstaff's Two Gospel Hypothesis Site

Michael Spencer's Gospel of Mark Site. Great!


The Historical Jesus

The Jesus Seminar Forum, by Mahlon Smith

Andrew's Quest of the Historical Jesus


The Historical Jesus, by Bernard D. Muller. You MUST visit this site!


The 4th Gospel


Non-Canonical, apocrypha, pseudepigrapha

The Non-Canonical Page, excellent text resource

Stevan Davies' remarkable Gospel of Thomas homepage


A 38 volume collection of early Church writings


Guide to Early Church Documents


The Gnostic Society Virtual Library


The Ethiopian Texts


Ancient Historians

Complete works of Josephus, online and downloadable


Philo of Alexandria


Archaeology and the Bible

Okeanos Biblical, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Resource site.


header1.GIF (30230 bytes) Dr. James Tabor's Site. Awesome!


Religion and History

Ian Hutchesson's Religion and History page


melita3.jpg (10854 bytes)


0-Musei.gif (36195 bytes) Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museum)


Late antiquity, Medieval history

athos10.gif (49462 bytes) Paul Halsall's Byzantine Studies on the Internet.  Great Resource!