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Jack Kilmon's Web Page. This scroll is still being quilled daily!

Your Scribe, Jack Kilmon


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Archaeological Tour in the steps of Jesus


The Yeshuines, a novel by Jack Kilmon

History and the New Testament



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Essenes, Nazarenes and the Development of Messianism





The Literature of Early Christianity

Includes a page on Secret Mark




The Shroud of Turin, genuine or forgery?

A Chronology of the First Century of Christianity and the Development of the New Testament


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The Coins of Jesus' Time


Reproductions of Ancient Egyptian, Christian, Judaic manuscripts on papyrus or parchment.

The Tanakh, New Testament, Koran, Rig Vedas, The Book of the Dead are all ancient texts considered sacred by those who looked to them for guidance. The texts speak to us through the centuries of the human quest for trancendance to the Creator. This site offers reproductions of those ancient texts on genuine papyrus or parchment and in the original ancient scripts. Requests can be customized to the customer’s favorite scripture or text and supplied framed with a translation. Whether for the den at home, the office, parsonage or rectory, these reproductions are a reminder of our spiritual heritage. Order your favorite ancient text, custom made for you alone, or one of the more popular favorites.

Mail/Orders for the Scribe

Source for fonts, including ancient Hebrew, Greek and Latin "scribal" and "epigraphic" fonts created by your host

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The CGRE Theory of Human Evolution

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